4th Maritime Security Workshop

4th Maritime Security Workshop was held in Marmaris on 16 - 18 June 2015. In this workshop, we as MARSEC COE with the contribution of the participants, continued to focus on maritime security issues on global level with a specific aim to focus on our ambitious project - Multinational Maritime Security Interagency Doctrine (MMSID).

The first draft version of the MMSID, which you can find at our web site, was a product of the 3rd MARSEC WS in Aksaz.

During this workshop we started to work on the 2nd draft of MMSID. In this draft, we are focusing on the processes used by different agencies / countries / multinational-national organizations. We will further evaluate all the relevant processes for each maritime security risks and identify critical information requirements, commonalities and interconnections among them.

Some of the concepts and procedures in this draft version of MMSID will be experimented during the Multinational Maritime Security Exercise (EXER MARSEC-15), 21 - 28 October 2015.

4th MARSEC WS was a very successful event with the participation of 75 attendees from different disciplines, organizations and regions.

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