Maritime Security (MARSEC) Workshop

Maritime Security (MARSEC) Workshop - 2018 with the theme of "MARSEC from Underwater to Space" was held on 12 - 13 December 2018 at Naval War College / National Defence University Campus / Yenilevent-İSTANBUL with the participation of public / private institutions and Subject Matter Experts, academicians, civil / military personnel working in the field of MARSEC and related issues.

A total of 21 academicians, 8 of whom were speaker and 13 of them were participants, from USA, Pakistan and Turkey attended to MARSEC Workshop-2018.

Considering the current on-going international gap in "maritime security doctrine", an "academic study" which is going to be realized particularly to reflect the views of Turkey’s maritime security as well has been envisaged as a result of the MARSEC Workshop.

In this context, it is planned that firstly, this above-mentioned "MARSEC academic study" which will include related articles is going to be publiched in a peer-reviewed academic journal, then following this publication, all these academic articles will be published as a "MARSEC COE Book".

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