MARSEC COE Maritime Security Modelling Project


In order to express the complex structure of Maritime Security Operations (MSO) mathematically
with its inputs and outputs and to create a conceptual model of the real system, MARSEC COE
plans to carry out a “Maritime Security Modelling Project”, which will have a base line and
background knowledge for subsequent projects (i.e. Maritime Security Decision Support System,
Effect based approach Maritime Security Threat and Risk Analysis System) when it is completed.

In this context, MARSEC COE declares that it is open to any proposal from universities, defense
industry companies (private/public) and other entities in accordance with the Calendar below to
work in close coordination and cooperation on the Project.

Please keep contact with the PoC, Capt. (Tur.N) Mustafa POYRAZ (+902123980100/5866, for more detail.

05 June 2023                                         Date for the Announcement of the Project Procurement

05 July 2023                                          End date for Receiving the First Applications from the Entities
                                                                     Interested in the Project

10 July 2023                                          Date for Sending the Project Defining Document to the Entities
                                                                     that Passed the P

10 August 2023                                    End date for the Submission of the Project Proposals

10 August-10 September 2023     Evaluation of the Project Proposals by MARSEC COE and
                                                                     Announcement of the Results

MARSEC COE acquisition activities are subject to its own Financial Administrative Procedures (FAP)
and taken bid/proposals
do not mean any legal/financial responsibilities for MARSEC COE

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