Working Visits and Strengthening Ties with Yaoundé Architecture for Maritime Security

Maritime Security Centre of Excellence (MARSEC COE) took part in several working visits with the Yaoundé Architecture for Maritime Security (YAMS, also YA) during March and April 2024, intended to present and discuss facts and findings reflected in the Finale Exercise Report for EXER MARSEC-23. The activity also marked the end for the Exercise Process for EXER MARSEC-23 and ensured the dissemination of results of importance to the Centre’s Partners in the Gulf of Guinea.
The Inter-regional Coordination Centre (ICC), the Regional Centres for Maritime Security for Central Africa (CRESMAC) and for West Africa (CRESMAO), and the Multinational Maritime Coordination Centres (MMCC) for Zone D and for Zone E respectively, participated in EXER MARSEC-23 in November 2023, in various capacities.
YAMS has been represented at all levels during the Exercise, and in effect almost entirely, the Yaoundé Architecture being a central theme for EXER MARSEC-23 iteration – how to better collaborate with and support regional maritime security architectures, especially interesting for the Gulf of Guinea Region.
MARSEC COE presented the key and other topical findings and insights and enjoyed fruitful discussion at ICC in Yaoundé and remotely with CRESMAC and CRESMAO, at MMCC Zone D in Douala (covering a shared responsibility area for Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Sao Tome and Principe), and at MMCC Zone E in Cotonou (covering a shared responsibility area for Benin, Niger, Nigeria, and Togo).
The working visits concluded successfully, reaching more than the expected results, paving the way for potential new cooperation and collaboration avenues, and consolidating the relationship YAMS and MARSEC COE enjoy.

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