Support Maritime Counter Terrorism

i. Maritime Counter Terrorism (MCT) Course

Maritime Counter Terrorism Course was conducted between 31 March and 4 April 2014. The purpose of the course was to educate participants about the fight against terrorism in the maritime environment, as it relates to their duties. During the course, following subjects were examined and studied on;

  1. Terrorism, Its Motivations and Networks,
  2. Maritime Environment and Risks,
  3. Cyber Security,
  4. Examination of all threats as principles, concepts and structure in the context of national security,
  5. The current International Agreements and Initiatives within the scope of Maritime Counter Terrorism,
  6. Maritime Operation Intervention Techniques against Maritime Terrorism,
  7. Special Forces and Interpol.

ii. Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IEDs) at Sea Awareness Course

Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) Course was conducted between the dates of 17-21 June 2013. The aim of the course was to give basic information about improvised explosive devices at sea, to raise awareness about improvised explosive devices, and to examine the countering techniques against asymmetric threat in the maritime environment. Within the context of the mentioned course, the following courses were given to the participants;

  1. Basic Information about Intelligence, and Intelligence Sources,
  2. Intervention to Crime Ring,
  3. Countering IEDs,
  4. Force Generation.

iii. Multinational Maritime Security Course (EXER MARSEC-15)

One of the aims of Multinational Maritime Security Course was conducted between the dates of 21-27 October 2015, is to improve coordination between the institutions on Maritime Counter Terrorism.