Maritime Interdiction Operations

An education and training program should be developed in such a way as to be provided by the naval forces, coast guard, maritime police and boarding teams in terms of availability of materials, procedures and organization and mutual workability.

i. Boarding Teams Course (MSC-15)

Training of personnel of the Azerbaijani Naval Forces in NATO Standards was given in Aksaz/Marmaris on 5-9 June 2017. Following courses related to Applied Trainings on Ports and Navigation were given to personnel in TCG AKAR mentioned below;

  1. Boarding Operations International Regulations, The Purpose of Boarding Operations and Codes of Practice, Boarding Operations Phases (Planning/Approach), Boarding Operations Ship Organization and Boarding Operations Phases (Operational Briefing-Document and Load Control),
  2. Boarding Operations, Tactical Medical Training, Ship Search Methods, Boarding Transition Vehicle and Transition Methods, Boarding Ships, Control of Crewmembers/Passengers, Evidence and Proof Collection, Rules of Engagement and Implementation of Methods in case of Emergency.