Support Maritime Situational Awareness

Training and education activities are carried out with the participation of all maritime security stakeholders (naval forces, maritime administration, law enforcement, international organizations) within the context of NATO MSA concept and Maritime Security Operation Concept. The activities which held in the past detailed below can continue to be carried out in MARSEC COE coordination.

i. Multinational Maritime Security Exercise (EXER MARSEC-2015)

Multinational Maritime Security-2015 Exercise was a multinational and multi-institutional exercise with a total of 145 participants hosted by Turkey, and in conjunction with the NATO Trident Juncture-2015 exercise, between 21-27 October 2015 at the Multinational Maritime Security Center of Excellence and on the shores of Aksaz port.

The purpose of the exercise; with the aim of ensuring maritime security; to increase mutual cooperation between maritime security stakeholders (civil-military) and multi-national and multi-institutional cooperation in maritime security operations.

The aim of the exercise was to improve Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) in the regional areas, and in this direction, activities were jointly carried out with regional and global MSA initiatives.

ii. Maritime Situational Awareness Course (MSC-10)

Maritime Situational Awareness Course was conducted between 23-27 March 2015. The purpose of the course was to provide participants to learn or support Maritime Situational Awareness in the concept of Maritime Security Operations. Lessons given to course participants are listed below;

  1. Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) Concept,
  2. Maritime Security Policies, relevant International Conventions and Legal Grounds,
  3. Strategies and Roles of International Organizations/Initiatives contributing to Maritime Situational Awareness,
  4. The role of Maritime Situational Awareness in the Maritime Security Operations,
  5. MSA Stakeholders and Their Capabilities,
  6. Problems with MSA,
  7. The Technological Advances under MSA,
  8. MSA workflow and Procedures,
  9. MSA Organizations between Ship, Coast and Institutions,
  10. To be able to take the necessary courses from Operations or Trainings.