Cyber Intelligence in MSO Concept Development Workshop

Overview: We are thrilled to announce the upcoming workshop on “Cyber Intelligence in MSO Concept”, aimed at pioneering advancements in Maritime Security Operations. This initiative seeks to bring together esteemed experts and colleagues from Academia, NATO Force/Command Structure, Centres of Excellence, PTECs, NETFs, and Nations to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Workshop Objective: The primary goal of this workshop is to establish a Core Writing Team tasked with scripting the initial concept of Cyber Intelligence in Maritime Security Operations. This team will finalize chapter names and assign them to respective entities or experts for editing, serving as a foundation for our collaborative endeavors.

Focus Areas:

· Cyber Intelligence: Exploring the multifaceted nature of Cyber Intelligence, encompassing technology, network defense, adversary intentions, and capabilities.
· Maritime Security Operations: Delving into the crucial role of Joint Intelligence as an essential component for effective Maritime Security Operations.
· Concept Development: Facilitating the amalgamation of expertise in Cyber, Intelligence, Maritime Operations for comprehensive concept development.

Participation and Contributions: Members of the Cyber and Intelligence Community of Interest are encouraged to contribute their area of expertise to this workshop. Any participant wishing to present thoughts and remarks is requested to contact MARSEC COE in advance via, preferably before 10 November 2023.

Application Process: Interested participants should fill in the application form presented in Annex-B and send it via email to no later than 10 November 2023.

Financial Assistance: Understanding the potential concerns regarding accommodation and travel expenses, we have allocated a budget to support experts who might need financial assistance to participate in this workshop.

Accommodation & Travel: The workshop will be conducted residentially at the premises of MARSEC COE. Details regarding accommodation and travel arrangements will be communicated to confirmed participants in due course.

Looking Ahead: While acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead in this complex field, we are confident that the collective wisdom and expertise of the participants will guide us to success. We encourage the sharing of this initiative within your Community of Interest to bring this vision to fruition.

For further details and clarifications, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at We are at your disposal to address any concerns or issues related to this workshop.

Very Respectfully,


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