Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping Course

Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping (NCAGS) Course going to be carried out in-person from 13 to 17 May 2024 at the premises of Maritime Security Centre of Excellence İstanbul/TÜRKİYE.

On 8 July 2022, MARSEC COE accredited with the NATO Unconditional Quality Assurance Institutional Accreditation, and subsequently this course reached NATO Approved level, available in ETOC (MOP-MO-25567).

The aim of the course is to provide NATO and NATO nations military personnel with a deep knowledge about NCAGS capabilities and a comprehensive understanding of the dependence and necessary interaction between maritime operations and merchant shipping as it applies to peacetime, crises and armed conflict operations at sea. The course imparts knowledge about the organisation of NCAGS and its capabilities, policy and doctrine within the NATO alliance, NATO nations and NATO nations´ dependent territories. The course teaches contexts, approaches and procedures for NATO Shipping Centre (NSC), NCAGS staff and desk officers to exploit the full potential of NCAGS capacities in maritime operations and exercises.

Main target audience is military and reserve personnel from NATO Command Structure (NCS) and NATO Force Structure (NFS) that either occupy NATO jobs with NCAGS relevance or who perform NCAGS functions and duties on order or on behalf of MARCOM NATO Shipping Centre. The course is also open for military personnel who are or will be operating within the NCAGS organisation from NATO Member and Partner (PfP, ICI, MD and PatG) Nations.

The course will be conducted in English. Translation to / from other languages will not be provided. Attendees should meet the following standards of proficiency in English (as described in STANAG 6001/SLP 2222): Listening – Fair (2), Speaking – Fair (2), Reading – Fair (2) and Writing – Fair (2).

The course is marked as Unclassified / Releasable to: Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI), Partners across the Globe (PatG).

Event details can be found in the NATO Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue (ETOC) at with the Course Code: MOP-MO-25567 or through the MARSEC COE official web site

The administrative cost (tuition fees) for the subject course is 550.00€.

In below link Attendance Form should be filled out and forwarded directly to MARSEC COE Point of Contact (POC) no later than Monday, 06 May 2024.

Attendance Form

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