1st Maritime Security Workshop

Multinational Maritime Security Centre of Excellence conducted 1st Maritime Security Workshop on 14 - 16 November 2012 at MARSEC COE, Aksaz Naval Base/Marmaris. The theme of the  Workshop was  "Global Maritime Security, New Horizons".

The workshop was organized in 4 panels and subjects of the panels were as follows;

  • Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA)
  • Uphold Freedom of Navigation
  • Piracy Nexus Terrorism
  • Fight Proliferaiton of WMD.

15 International academics and 38 observers from government, private sector and universities participated in the workshop and shared their point view.

All workshop materials can be reached at the book "Global Maritime Security, New Horizons" was published by MARSEC COE, ISBN: 978-975-409-675-0.

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