The Four Pillars

Concept Development & Experimentation

  1. Contributing to NATO’s MSO Tasks,
  2. Concept development and experimentation for NATO transformational activities,
  3. Concept development for interagency cooperation.

Doctrine Development, Standardization & Interoperability

  1. Contribution to standardization activities among NATO and Partner Nations,
  2. Doctrine development for maritime security activities,
  3. Doctrine development for interagency cooperation,
  4. Doctrine development for maritime security stakeholders,
  5. Contributing to the development of NATO maritime security related policies.

Lessons Identified, Analysis and Lessons Learned

  1. Supporting NATO in the process of identifying and implementing Lessons Learned regarding maritime security activities,
  2. Production and coordination of Lessons Identified from interagency cooperation with NATO and Partner Nations.

Education, Training and Exercises

  1. Provide subject matter expertise on maritime security activities,
  2. Provide education and training for maritime security not provided by other existing NATO entities,
  3. Provide mobile training teams,
  4. Provide input to NATO education and training process on maritime security if requested by NATO or SNs,
  5. Conduct and contribute to NATO and other maritime security related exercises, such as establishing/hosting Deployed NCAGS Element (DNE) with NCAGS Exercises in cooperation with maritime security stakeholders.

Supporting Operations

  1. MARSEC COE may provide support to NATO operations (e.g. OSG).