OBANGAME EXPRESS 2015 (OE15) was an annual combined Central and West African exercise in the Gulf of Guinea focused on increasing regional cooperation and interoperability to enhance maritime safety and security. OE15 involved Gulf of Guinea maritime stakeholders in a regional partnership with the United States and Euro-Atlantic navies. Exercise executed 19 - 27 March 2015.

The exercise was designed to evaluate and assess the current capacity and capability of the training audience (B.I.R - Battalion Intervention Rapide, COPALCO - Compagnie des Palmeurs de Combat) in order to promote interoperability and understanding among participating nations with the ultimate goal of building on and enhancing the effectiveness of maritime safety and security operations. The training audience was the personnel that responded to the scenario information and injects provided by the exercise control group in a realistic manner. They followed standard operating procedures and conduct their activities and responses as they would during normal operations given the circumstances presented.

MARSEC COE Mobile Training Team staffed as MIO Team Evaluators / Trainers in B.I.R - Battalion Intervention Rapide / Idenau - CAMERUN during Exercise. MTT evaluated and assessed the training audience Boarding Teams and advised, assisted and facilitated as appropriate. 64 trainees participated in this training from both CAMEROON and NIGERIA Armed Forces.

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