Maritime Operations-Annual Discipline Conference

Within the framework of NATO’s Global Programming, MARSEC COE participated in the first Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) for the Maritime Operations Discipline which was held from 12 to 14 April 2016 in Kiel, Germany. The NATO Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COE CSW) hosted and conducted the ADC under the guidance of Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation / Joint Force Trainer (HQ SACT JFT).

Fruitful discussions were held throughout the ADC in the context of reviewing the NATO Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) and exchanging training solutions for the Education & Individual Training (E&IT) needs in Maritime Operations Discipline.

An introduction briefing of MARSEC COE activities, mainly focusing on the E&IT capabilities were presented in the first day of the ADC. MARSEC COE Maritime Security Perspective, E&IT Activities, Publications, Programme of Work as well as the upcoming International Maritime Security Conference (IMSC-2016) were presented during the brief. The IMSC-2016 was requested to be included in the TRA as a training solution to the need for "Understanding the Maritime Operational Aspects of Joint Operations" in strategic and political level.

On the 3rd day of ADC, Training Need Analysis (TNA) outcomes were presented by MARSEC COE and "Maritime Operational Awareness for Joint Operations Course" was introduced as a training solution for the relevant need in operational and tactical level.

MARSEC COE will continue to work on both activities and announce details via the Centre’s WEB Page.

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