21st Century Dimension of Turkish Sea Power Workshop

MARSEC COE and Koç University Maritime Forum ( KÜDENFOR ) conducted their 1st Workshop on 31 January 2017 at Rahmi M. KOC Museum/İstanbul. The theme of the Workshop was "21st Century Dimension of Turkish Sea Power". The aim of the workshop was to enhance 21st century vision of Turkish sea power and to review it from strategic and technological perspectives.

During the workshop issues of Turkish Sea Power have been discussed according to the agenda with a specific aim to make some observation and predictions for Turkish Sea Power in 21st century. Throughout the 1st workshop 3 separate panels detailed below were held;

1st Panel - Where is Turkish Sea Power?

4 presentations were held. Turkish Naval Forces and Turkish Coast Guard representatives gave information about operations conducted successfully in surrounding seas of Turkey, and shared insights about strategy and vision of their forces. Lastly, Turkish Shipowners' Association gave information about comprehensive situation of mercantile navy and capabilities of harbours.

2nd Panel - How a Sea Power?

Future capabilities, force structure and vision of Turkish Naval Forces and Turkish Coast Guard were discussed. At the beginning, retired ambassador Osman Korutürk gave a presentation on "Role and Effect of Turkish Sea Power on Turkish Foreign Relations in 21st Century". This presentation provided the audience with a very dimensional review of current developments in the globe.

3rd Panel - Maritime Technologies in 21st Century

Technological developments of next century and the developments in technologies of under water and above water were discussed. During the panel, underwater unmanned autonomous systems as well as underwater sensors and weapon technologies were especially expressed, and it is emphasized that these technologies will be a game changer and force multiplier in the 21st century maritime strategy.

140 civilian and military attendees from Turkish Naval Forces, Turkish Coast Guard, ASELSAN, Koç Information and Defense Technologies, Turkish Maritime Shipping sector, academics, think tanks, retired Admirals, retired Ambassadors of Turkey as well as navy officers participated in this fruitful workshop.

At the closing speech, KÜDENFOR Direktör Admiral (Ret.) Cem GÜRDENİZ said that Turkish Naval Forces and Turkish Coast Guard should be prepared for the developments in maritime geopolitics, defense and security requirements in 21st century, and expressed that relevant institutions should be hopeful from the future since critical threshold on these areas has been passed.

We are looking forward to continue this cooperation and we believe that our motto "Working together for Maritime Security" is the key to tackle the maritime security challenges. We would like to thank all the participants, who helped us to make the MARSEC COE & KÜDENFOR 1st Workshop a great success.

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