Maritime Interdiction Operation Course

Maritime Interdiction Operation Course was conducted at Southern Task Group Command/Aksaz-Marmaris/Turkey in coordination with MARSEC COE, between the dates of 5 - 9 June 2017 with the participation of 11 personnel from Azerbaijan Navy.

The aim of the training provided by Karamürselbey Training Center Command, Yıldızlar Surface Training Center Command and Underwater Training Center Command was to provide knowledge for Boarding Team personnel to improve their skills necessary to plan, coordinate and execute Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) from the initial warning through to the final debriefing.

International Regulations of Interdiction Operation, Purpose of Boarding OPS, Fundamentals of Application, Boarding Organization, Planning and Approaching, Operational Briefing, Document ve Cargo Control, Boarding OPS, Tactical Medic Training, Ship Search Methods, Getting on the Transfer Boat and Transfer Procedures, Crew and Passenger Control, Evidence Collection, Communication Principles, Emergency Procedures, Safety and Security Precautions were provided for the participants on the first three days of the course and Practical Training on TCG AKAR was conducted for the rest of the week.

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