EXER MARSEC-23 Operational Experimentation (OPEX)

In order to support MARSEC COE’s concept development efforts under the umbrella of EXER MARSEC-23, a dedicated OPEX was conducted at Antalya Bay, Eastern Mediterranean between 09-20 October 2023.

Actions at sea complied with vignettes prepared to support the testing of hypothesis and facilitating insights gathered for the “Usage of Maritime Unmanned Systems in the Maritime Security Operations Concept” which is getting developed by MARSEC COE.
The activities at sea were led and coordinated from a tailored Maritime Operations Centre (MOC) and Exercise Control (EXCON) fused structure. The audience at shore gathered together over 20 multinational participants from NATO, Navies, Coast Guard, academia and industry.
A dedicated hot wash-up meeting allowed for the diffusion of several findings, including the positive opinions towards such an event, the benefit of testing and training in the collaborative usage of surface/aerial maritime unmanned systems and crewed-legacy units teaming.

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