Analysis & Lessons Learned

Support Maritime Situational Awareness

It is envisaged that the data related to the “Maritime Area” produced by the public institutions and organizations working in the maritime sector of Turkey will be analysed within the scope of the targets to be determined and within the context of concepts such as “Big Data”, “AI”.

Maintain Freedom of Navigation

It is foreseen that the lessons learned from the law enforcement activities (terrorism, piracy, large-scale sea pollution, irregular migration) that will support the freedom of navigation should be collected and analysed and the identification of areas where military support is needed.

Maritime Interdiction Operations

Military, processes of law enforcement elements at sea, statistical information, creation and analysis of a database for the region are foreseen.

Prevent Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

It is envisaged to create and analyse a database for the purpose of reviewing the process of preventing the proliferation of WMDs, the determination of decision processes, and the identification of stakeholders in the process of maritime dissemination, in particular for the study of CBRN materials/dual-use materials and nuclear materials.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

To examine and analyse the importance of strategic maritime transport routes, mega ports; and if any sort of damage or loss occur due to terrorism or other asymmetrical threats that are likely to make them unusable, exploration of the potential loss of the energy basins (wind, wave, oil platform/units) for the country’s economies.

Support Maritime Counter Terrorism

To analyse the vulnerability of maritime elements such as ships/platforms that can be possible targets for terrorists, to make observations in the time of peace, to analyse the former attacks in this subject, and to prepare recommendations/analysis reports to understand whether they can be prevented in the future by Special Forces.

Contribute to Maritime Security Capacity Building

Maritime Security Capacity Building efforts include the prevention of repeating aids and the creation of databases that can be analysed by supporting long-term observations and data on whether or not the aid provided is made to the right target group.