Maritime Critical Infrastructure Protection Study Paper

“Maritime Critical Infrastructure Protection Study Paper” is now available.

We're delighted to announce that Maritime Critical Infrastracture Protection study paper is ready for the readers who are interested in Maritime Security. This research sheds light on the vital importance of safeguarding maritime infrastructure in today's rapidly changing and complex maritime environment.

In the 21st century, ensuring the security of maritime infrastructure is the cornerstone of the success of societies and economies. Our study offers baseline and solutions to cope with the various threats faced at oceans and seas.

Much of the data used in this project is based on information gathered during workshops conducted by the NATO Maritime Security Centre of Excellence (MARSEC-COE). Additionally, resources published by NATO Centres of Excellence and academic research have formed the foundation of this research.

To delve into the details of our research and learn more about securing maritime critical infrastructure, please enjoy the study paper downloading from here.

MCIP Study Paper

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